The Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development derives its mandate and functions from the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and other related subordinate laws, including; the Budget Act (2001), the Public Finance and Accountability Act (2003) and acts establishing agencies and auxiliary organisations. Accordingly, the Ministry plays a pivotal role in the co-ordination of development planning; mobilisation of public resources; and ensuring effective accountability for the use of such resources for the benefit of all Ugandans.

Vision Statement

A most effective and efficient Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development that is capable of achieving the fastest rate of economic transformation among the emerging economies.

Mission Statement

To formulate sound economic policies, maximise revenue mobilization, ensure efficient allocation and accountability for public resources so as to achieve the most rapid and sustainable economic growth and development


The mandate of the Ministry is to:

  1. To Formulate policies that enhance stability and development
  2. To mobilize local and external financial resorces for public expenditure
  3. To regulate financial management and ensure efficiency in public expenditure.
  4. To oversee national planning and strategic development initiatives for economic growth.

Structure and Functions Performance Reports

At policy level, the Ministry is headed by the Minister assisted by five Ministers of State namely:

  1. General Duties – Hon. Fred Jachan M. Omach
  2. Planning – Hon. Matia Kasaijja
  3. Investment – Eng.Dr. Ajedra Gabriel Gadison Aridru
  4. Privatization – Hon. Aston Kajara
  5. Micro Finance and Enterprise Development – Hon. Caroline Okao

Ministerial policy functions are broken down as follows:

  1. Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development
    1. Formulation of fiscal and monetary policies
    2. Control and management of public finance
    3. Prepare and lay before Parliament the Budget
    4. Mobilise domestic and external resources
    5. Accountability to Parliament
  2. Minister of State for General Duties
    1. Deputising the Senior Minister
    2. Parliamentary matters
    3. Procurement matters
    4. Departed Asians Property Custodian Board
    5. Regional matters
  3. Minister of State for Planning
    1. Providing the lead on economic planning and monitoring
    2. Capacity building
    3. Poverty eradication issues
    4. Population matters, Statistics, Science and Technology issues
    5. May deputise/represent/act for the Senior Minister
  4. Minister of State for Investment
    1. Promotion of investment
    2. Supervision of Uganda Investment Authority
    3. Responsible for private sector issues
    4. Capital Markets Authority
    5. Any other official duties assigned by the Senior Minister
  5. Minister of State for Privatisation
    1. Supervision of privatisation and parastatal reform programme
    2. Any other official duties assigned by the Senior Minister
  6. Minister of State for Micro Finance and Enterprise Development
    1. Development and implementation of Government’s micro finance policy and regulation
    2. Development of policies for community based enterprises
    3. Any other official duties assigned by the Senior Minister

Strategic Intervention to the Treasury (PS/ST) is the Chief Executive. He is assisted by the Deputy Secretary to the Treasury.