The Budget process

The budget process is a cycle that runs through the entire financial year, and it is a very participatory process. It begins with the review and update of the Medium Tern Expenditure Framework (MTEF), and a country Portfolio Performance Review between July and August each year. This is followed by the first Budget consultative workshop that takes place between October and November. After this, all Sector Working Groups and Local governments begin preparation of Budget Framework Papers (BFPs) and this is followed by Sector BFP Ministerial Consultations, which lead to the preparation of the draft National BFP. Once Cabinet approves the BFP, it is presented to all stakeholders in a national budget workshop called the Public Expenditure Review Meeting.

The final BFP is submitted to parliament by April 1, of each year. This is then followed by the development of the Background to the Budget and the detailed development of budget estimates by each Ministry and institution. The Ministry compiles these into the draft estimates of revenue and expenditure with consultation with the Parliamentary Budget Committee, and starts preparation of the Budget Speech, which must be presented, to Parliament by the 15th day of June of each year.

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