The MFPED has developed a monitoring framework for externally financed projects. The monitoring framework will be used to enhance aid management and inform policy decisions over ongoing and future externally financed projects.

As a key part of the framework, all externally-financed projects under all MDAs are required to submit to MFPED quarterly reports filling out the monitoring template below. The monitoring template below must be submitted in addition to other required reports. Project implementers will be responsible for the quality and accuracy of the information submitted.

The information submitted will feed into a database and form the basis of discussions at the Development Partner Portfolio Reviews which will be held throughout 2011/12 and beyond.

The First Template must be returned no later than 19th Friday August, 2011.

Official Letter

Externally-Financed Project Monitoring Template. Q4.

Completed templates will be submitted electronically by email to within 30 days of the end of the reporting quarter.

Guidelines for filling out the Project Monitoring Template

The guidelines provide background information, detailed instructions and (iii) a detailed example of a completed template and should be consulted when filling out the monitoring template.