The Ministry through the National Planning Authority acts as the national focal point institution for the coordination of NEPAD activities. The NEPAD/APRM Unit supports the peer review process by ensuring that Country Self-Assessment is done and a National Programme of Action arising therefrom is developed and implemented, within the NEPAD framework. In addition, it coordinates NEPAD initiatives in the country including the NEPAD e-Schools, Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP), and School Feeding Programme, among others.

The first e-school in Africa, Bugulumbya Secondary School, in Kamuli District was launched by HE the President of the Republic of Uganda in July 2005. NPA is working closely with the Ministry of Education and Sports to launch the remaining five Schools before the end of the demonstration project phase.

  • On the other hand, Uganda, Ghana and Namibia are the pilot countries for the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP). The pilot is for sustainable land management activities in the countries concerned.
  • Other NEPAD initiatives include commercial growing of Macadamia in Uganda.
  • Considerable progress has been registered to date. A Communication and Advocacy Strategy for the APRM process has been developed and is being implemented.
  • Also a 3-year Programme document for the implementation of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) process and other NEPAD initiatives for Uganda has been developed and submitted to the UNDP Country Office for support.

The Ministry will continue to focus on the following key areas to further realize the objectives of NEPAD:

  • Official inauguration and Launch of the Uganda National APRM Commission by HE The President of the Republic of Uganda.
  • Working Meetings of the Uganda National APRM Commission to ensure that the technical assessments are carried out, a Country Self-Assessment Report and the produce a National Programme of Action.
  • Hosting Country Review visits by the APRM Support Mission, to ensure the Country Self-Assessment adheres to the APRM Principles.
  • Operationalising the Communication and Advocacy strategy and establishment of the NEPAD/APRM Resource Centre.

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Nepad Report 25th February 2002

Nepad Final Report13th March 2002