Debt Policy and Issuance Department (DPID): The Department is responsible for development of policies for management of public debt (both external and domestic) as well as contingent liabilities. The key functions include production of the Public Debt Management Framework (PDMF), Medium Term Debt Strategy (MTDS), Public Debt Statistical Bulletin, Domestic Debt Issuance Calendar, providing advice on securities market and debt instruments, as well as managing debt limits.

This Debt Issuance Department is responsible for the front office debt issuance function for both external and domestic debt. The core competence of the front office is to coordinate and advise the PS / ST on negotiations for all new external debt (1s well as manage the program for the issuance of domestic debt issued for fiscal purposes to finance the budget,

 Main Functions

    • The department shall coordinate and participate in all- Bilateral and Multi- lateral negotiations with Development Partners such as the IMF /WB Projects.
    • Maintain responsibility for all loan documentation including the finalization of financing documents.
    • Oversee the preparation/revisions of Issuance calendar for domestic debt.
    • Monitor and report on market conditions, including analysis of its potential investor base, both domestic and international.
    • Advise on government policy initiatives to foster the development of the primary and secondary government securities market.
    • Advise on markets, debt instruments, tenors and amounts as well as or financing structures and products.
    • Coordinates the Debt Technical Management Committee.