Under this Program, the Ministry ensures efficient allocation of resources as well as monitoring resource utilization at all levels of Government. In the FY 2018/19, this program received UShs 21.82bn by end of December 2018 against an appropriation of UShs 34.15bn. Out of this, Ushs 16.53bn was spent representing 75.8% absorption.

Under the Program, the Ministry undertook further implementation of the Performance Based Budgeting (PBB) and capacity building on the Performance Budgeting System (PBS). The Ministry also continued implementation of the Budget Transparency Initiatives (BTI) and prepared the National Budget Framework Paper for FY 2019/20 as well as other documents as required in the budgeting process.The Ministry further undertook consultations on the budget countrywide, tested and approved the Integrated Bank of Projects (IBP) prototype for the first phase. In the FY 2019/20, the Program has been allocated UShs 67.050bn compared to Ushs 34.15bn in FY 2018/19.

The increment is mainly on account of budget support towards the coordination of Inter-Governmental Fiscal Transfer program. The allocation will further facilitate implementation of Performance Based Budgeting, implementation of the Budget Transparency Initiatives, coordination of the implementation of the Inter-Governmental Fiscal Transfer Program, undertaking National Budget consultation as well as coordination of budgeting and planning as per the PFMA.

Implementation of the Public Investment Management System (PIMS) will be undertaken through conducting capacity building courses at the PIMS Centre of excellence to be established at Makerere University and the Civil Service College in Jinja as well as the roll out of the Integrated Bank of Projects.

Programme Objective :
i.   Provide strategies and guidelines for the budget process.

ii.  Allocate funds to sector priorities in accordance with the Long Term Expenditure Framework and Medium Term Expenditure Framework.
iii. Avail financial resources to finance implementation of Government programmes.
iv. Monitor and ascertain efficiency in utilization of national resources for intended priorities
v.  To undertake overall policy formulation, coordination, appraisal, analysis, monitoring and evaluation of development projects
vi. Facilitate the implementation of PPP initiatives to ensure sustainable economic growth and development