Programme Responsible Officer: Director Economic Affairs

Under this Program, the Ministry generates evidence-based research and carries out data analysis to inform Government decisions on Economic policy and national development. In the FY 2018/19, this Program received UShs 69.29bn by December 2018 against an appropriation of UShs 132.89bn. Out of this, Ushs 48.05bn was spent representing 67% absorption. With this allocation, the Ministry Formulated the Public Investment Management in Agro-Industry (PIMA) Strategy for the Budget Strategy for FY 2018/19, Completed the two (2) background studies for review of poverty measurement in Uganda, finalized the Annual Economic Performance Report, FY 2017/19
and prepared and launched the 2018 State of Uganda Population Report alongside the State of the World Population Report. UFZA declared three additional areas as Free Zones and issued two additional developer licenses to private enterprises (UFZA).

In the FY 2019/20, the Program has been allocated UShs 88.988bn compared to Ushs 132.89bn in FY 2018/19. The allocation will enable the Ministry to update the business regulatory reform programme, deploy the development policy and performance portal, update the national poverty measurement matrices, develop the national population databank, prepare the Strategic Economic Development Agenda for NDP III (2020/21 to 2024/25). It will also enable entrepreneurial skills development for 8,000 household members (40% female and 60% youth) and 1,500 MSMEs. Under UFZA, Public Free Zones will be developed at Entebbe International Airport, Buwaya and Jinja.

Programme Objective :
i. Initiate and coordinate economic policy research to inform National economic development policymaking.
ii. Provide technical advice on budgetary alignment to National development strategies and priorities.
iii. Monitor and analyze National development outcomes within the context of relevant regional and international development frameworks.
iv. Formulate, review and coordinate policies, laws and regulations to enhance Private Sector competitiveness and growth.

v. Annually prepare and publish background to the Budget.