Under this program, the Ministry ensures efficient economic management through prudent fiscal and monetary policies, mobilization of domestic revenue for public expenditure and ensuring the continued growth of the economy. In the FY 2018/19, this Program received UShs 12.34bn by the end of December 2018 against an appropriation of UShs 24.951bn. Out of the release, Ushs 12.31bn was spent which is 99.8% absorption.

During this period, overall tax and Non-Tax Revenue collection for the period July 2018 to January 2019 amounted to UShs 9,623.53 bn against the target of UShs 9,208.24 bn registering a surplus of UShs 415.29 bn and growth in revenue collections of
19% compared to the same period FY 2017/18.

In the FY 2019/20, the program has been allocated UShs 21.556bn compared to UShs 24.951bn for FY 2018/19. This allocation will cater for among others; implementation of the Domestic Revenue Mobilization Strategy, implementation of the Macroeconomic Model for enhancement of macroeconomic forecasting and management, resolution of 120 tax disputes and support for operations of Lotteries and Gaming

Programme Objective :
i.    Formulation of appropriate fiscal and monetary policies for revenue generation and management
ii.   Monitoring public debt to ensure debt sustainability
iii.  Generate and apply evidence-based analysis to inform Government decision making on economic policy and national development.
iv.  Enhance and facilitate effective mobilization and implementation of Government programs for economic and social transformation which is beneficial to all .
v.   Formulation of investment and private sector policies
vi.  Ensure conducive investment climate
vii. Ensure sustainable delivery of affordable financial services for Ugandans so as to achieve prosperity and enhance socio-economic transformation