The Development Policy and Performance (DPP) Portal by Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED) is another milestone in MoFPED’s commitment to improving the relevance, reach and reliability of its services to Ugandan citizens and stakeholders in Uganda’s development process.


The portal aims at facilitating education and engagement on Uganda’s development policy and its performance in a simple, factual and cost-effective manner, consistent with the Country's e-Government agenda.

What is the Development Policy and Performance (DPP) Portal?

The DPP Portal is a new addition to MoFPED’s portfolio of secondary websites. The Portal is a reference gateway, a comprehensive online platform that provides up to-date information on Uganda's development agenda, performance and outlook at both national and sub-national level.

What is on the DPP Portal?

The DPP Portal consists of an eight-item primary menu: Development Frameworks; Development Drivers; Development Outcomes; Public Services for Development; Knowledge Centre; Quick Facts and Figures; and Feedback Interface. Each of these items has a range of subject matter sub-items that are logically organized for friendly navigation and to address issue-specific interests.


MoFPED pledges to protect and promote data accuracy, timeliness and completeness in its management of the DPP portal. The information provided on the DPP portal is processed in accordance with the highest professional standards.


The Portal also features links to websites of Ministries, Authorities, Local Governments (MALGs) with content that is related or relevant to the mandate and functions of MoFPED.


The Knowledge Centre provides access to a wide range of reference materials on Uganda’s development landscape including Policy Briefs, Reports, Research Studies and Development Updates.

How does one access the DPP Portal?

The DPP Portal can be accessed by computer or smartphone from MoFPED’s primary website: http// It can also be accessed directly from the following URL: