Minister of State for Planning David Bahati on Wednesday, presented the Third National Development Plan (NDP3) for the period 2020/21 -2024/25 to Parliament for approval and adoption.

The priorities of NDP III remain agriculture, tourism, minerals and petroleum development as well as manufacturing supported by human capital and infrastructure development.

The goal of the plan is to increase household incomes and improve quality of life of Ugandans and will be pursued under the overall theme of sustainable industrialization for inclusive growth, employment and sustainable wealth creation.

Based on the lessons learnt from the implementation of the previous and on-going plans, NDP 3 has considered a number of measures to perform better and these include: Increasing investment in the productive sectors of the economy to optimize use of the increased infrastructure capacity.

Government will also revisit the development approach by ensuring increased access to market opportunities in global and regional markets. Government will also increase effectiveness in the utilization of alternative sources of development financing like the private sector, the pensions fund and development partnerships.

To break down the silo approach to planning, budgeting and implementation, NDP 3 is introducing a Program approach that brings together all stakeholders to address particular development issues and results.

The five key objectives proposed to be pursued in the plan are:

1) Enhance value addition in key growth opportunities.

2) Strengthen the private sector to create jobs.

3) Consolidate and increase the stock and quality of productive infrastructure.

4) Enhance the productivity and social well-being of the population.

5) Strengthen the role of the state in guiding and facilitating development.