In keeping with Government Guidelines on the management of Covid19 pandemic the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development instituted strict institutional adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) issued by the Ministry of Health. To this end and over the five (5) month period, the Ministry has relatively been able to operate incident free and minimized exposure by protecting both staff and visitors.

Aware of the rise in reported positive cases in our close proximity to which some of our staff may have been exposed, I took a decision to get all staff of the Ministry and related subventions to undergo a screening process. The exercise conducted by the Ministry of Health took place from August 19-21, 2020.

Test results have so far indicated 21 positive cases. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, we have contacted the affected staff and placed them under medical care. Their immediate close contacts will be subjected to mandatory isolation and quarantine in line with the Ministry of Finance safety procedures and Ministry of Health guidelines.

All officers and staff who are yet to undergo screening are advised to stay at home until they undertake the Covid 19 test.

In the meantime, the Ministry will remain vigilant; continue the workforce-scale-down policy for critical staff, minimize contact meetings, maintain safety protocols, undertake regular disinfection of office premises and surroundings and closely work with partners and the Ministry of Health to mitigate the spread of Covid 19.

The Ministry will continue to undertake meetings online and the public is guided to avoid unwarranted visits to the Ministry of Finance. Please note that I have instructed Security to ensure that uninvited visitors should be prepared to present Covid-19 Test Certificates.

The Ministry is aware of the challenges; negative impacts and inconveniences the above measures may have to all our stakeholders. However, I believe that all life matters and that it is our duty as a Ministry to do our part within our means during this pandemic.

The Statement issued earlier had inadvertent errors which I regret.