The Government of Uganda through the National Planning Authority developed Uganda’s vision 2040 which is cascaded into six, five year National Development Plans. Government recognizes that Strategic planning forms a foundation for good leadership and management in an organization. This Strategic Plan therefore sets out a common Vision, Mission and strategic direction for the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.

This plan is intended to enable the Ministry take advantage of the opportunities available, and to address the challenges that could impede the Ministry’s progress towards achievement of the NDPII targets.

A lot of dedicated effort and commitment has gone into the development of this strategic plan. I therefore take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all Ministry stakeholders who have effectively participated in this process. Special thanks go to the entire technical team of the ministry for mapping out the strategic plan in order to effectively execute the Ministry mandate of: formulating sound economic policies that enhance economic stability and development; mobilizing local and external financial resources for public expenditure; regulating financial management and ensuring efficiency in public expenditure; and overseeing national planning and strategic development initiatives for economic growth. Your unwavering commitment and teamwork is duly acknowledged.

I also acknowledge the contribution of our Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies for the collaboration and support they extended to the core team during the development of this plan. This strategic plan brings together all the goals, objectives and strategic activities of our various Departments. It is our conviction that on the basis of this strategic plan, the Ministry is on a firm footing to play its coordinating role in contributing towards a globally competitive and prosperous nation with a high quality of life for all Ugandans.



Keith Muhakanizi