Ag. Director Financial Management Services 

Main Functions

         i.            Initiate and manage withdrawals from the UCF.

       ii.            Process Accounting Warrants for votes.

     iii.            Process transfers to Local Governments/Town 'Councils/Health Centers and Schools.

     iv.            Receive and account for all revenues into the UCF and accounts at B.O.U.

       v.            Manage receipts into and transfers from Treasury managed Bank accounts such as NTR Collection, TSA and Holding accounts.

     vi.            Process Government Payments on IFMS and any other systems.

    vii.            Manage Payroll, Pension, and Gratuity payments.

  viii.            Undertake financial management systems design, implementation and support

      ix.            Undertake systems setups and upgrades.

       x.            Coordinate systems audits and special audits

      xi.            Maintenance and management of IMFS master data

    xii.            Manage Service level agreements for system applications.

  xiii.            Coordinate systems audits, special.

  xiv.            Maintenance Service level agreements for system applications