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Finance Minister receives report from Equal Opportunities Commission

Finance Minister receives report from Equal Opportunities Commission


Finance Minister Matia Kasaija has received the summary report on compliance of the national budget estimates and ministerial policy statements with gender and equity requirements for the FY 2024/25 from the Equal Opportunities Commission Chairperson Hon.Sofia Nalule Juuko.

The Equal Opportunities Commission chairperson informed the Finance Minister that the ministerial policy statements of the 162 votes passed the assessment with a score of 50% and above with Ministry of Gender scoring 96%, Ministry of Health 92%, Ministry of Education 90% and Ministry of Finance 80%.
Hon. Sofia Nalule said most of the Ministries, Departments & Agencies plans and budgets were not aligned to the National Development Plan III, adding that votes which performed below 60% should work with the Commission to build their capacity and improve performance.

The Finance Minister while receiving the report decried the rampant income inequality in the country which must be addressed. He said government is focused on promoting industrialization as a key intervention to enhance job creation especially for the many unemployed young people in the country.

Kasaija also warned against misuse of the parish development model (PDM) funds, adding that PDM should be embraced, managed properly to help in fighting poverty and also ensure all Ugandans is the subsistence economy transit into the money economy.