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BMAU Briefing Paper 1-14 -Persistent Implementation Challenges. Are they insurmountable.pdf (240.92 KB) 240.92 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 2-14 - Agricultural sector performance. Are set targets for public spending and service provision being met.pdf (410.96 KB) 410.96 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 3-14- Are feasibility studies guiding the Industrialization on process.pdf (638.93 KB) 638.93 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 4-14 - Implementation of the grid extension projects to increase rural electrification. What are the key constraints.pdf (1.48 MB) 1.48 MB
BMAU Briefing Paper 5-14 -Rain Water Harvesting. A Possible Solution to Water Shortage.pdf (1.24 MB) 1.24 MB
BMAU Briefing Paper 6-14- Which systems will foster sustainable access to energy in Uganda. Grid or solar.pdf (1.11 MB) 1.11 MB
BMAU Briefing Paper 7-14 -National Roads Maintenance Programme. What are the challenges in maintaining unpaved roads.pdf (656.62 KB) 656.62 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 8-14 -Distribution of agricultural inputs in Uganda. What are the key challenges.pdf (1.19 MB) 1.19 MB
BMAU Briefing Paper 9-14 -Rehabilitation of Regional Referral Hospitals in Uganda. What should be done differently.pdf (868.8 KB) 868.8 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 10-14 -Microfinance Support Centre’s provision of Institutional loans. Why is uptake declining.pdf (1.6 MB) 1.6 MB
BMAU Briefing Paper 11-14- Allocations and expenditures on non-core activities. What is the general trend especially in the education sector.pdf (2.05 MB) 2.05 MB
BMAU Briefing Paper 12-14- Reducing maternal mortality in Uganda. What are the key constraints.pdf (1.54 MB) 1.54 MB
BMAU Briefing Paper 13-14 -Access to Safe water for all. Can Uganda achieve this.pdf (420.85 KB) 420.85 KB
BMAU Briefing Paper 14-14 -Causes for the persistent implementation of unplanned outputs in the Education Sector development projects.pdf (995.66 KB) 995.66 KB